Exchange for Sustainability



The following documents have to be submitted:

  1. Application form

Please find the application from here: Application form. The application is only taken into account in the case of a completely filled form.

  1. Curriculum vitae

The Curriculum vitae is supplementary to the application form.

  1. Motivation letter

The motivation letter gives the chance to indicate why you are applying for the ‘‘Forest Expert Program’’. It is important to describe your main professional interests and current work situation. During the selection of applicants a special focus lies on the multiplication function and the forest related background. The applicant should clearly state the influence the traineeship will have on their carrier and how the imparted knowledge will be used back home.

  1. Authentication.

Please attach a copy of your passport or ID.

  1. Degree certificate

Certificate proving the obtained degree – must be issued by the university where the degree was obtained, dated, signed and stamped.

  1. Proof of language

We expect a sufficient level of written and oral English or German to ensure smooth communication. We accept language certificates (e.g. IELTS, Goethe Zertifikat), a proof of studies in English or German language, or a recommendation letter from a German partner organization.

  1. Recommendation letter

We expect two recommendation letters. One from the employer and one from a German partner organization of the ’’Forest Expert Program’’. German partner organizations are for example: forestry ministries, state and private forest administrations, forest societies, German consulting companies, GIZ, Federal Foreign Office, German universities and universities of applied science.

Please send your application (max. 5MB) to: