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Berichte aus 4 Jahren Forest Expert Program

The German way of permanent forest management - a model for Russia?

Report by Ekatherina Nevmerzhitskaya and Nikolay Nevmerzhitsky, Russian Federation, about their stay in Germany in August/September 2019

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Sustainable forest management activities in Germany

Report by Toan Le Xuan, Vietnam

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Natura 2000 in Germany

by Ekaterine Balarjishvili, Georgien

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Sustainable forestry in times of climate change

Report of Myroslav Kabal, Ukraine, about his time in Germany in October 2019

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German forestry and implementation of EU Timber Regulation

Report by Li Ming, China

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Travel notes from a visit in the German forests in August 2019

by Gamin Gesa, Indonesia (accompanied by Yopie Parisy, Indonesia)

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Organisation and implementation from courses and knowledge management for forest professionals

by Edi Kurniadi und Kusdamayanti, Indonesia

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Carbon Forestry Course in Freiburg and a study tour to Baden-Württemberg

by Lee Xiong, Laos

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Forest Genetic Resources in Germany

Report by Joaquín María Garrido Soares de Lima from Uruguay

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Carbon Forestry, Forest Management Planning and Forest Inventory and Forest related Education in Freiburg

Report by Nehemia Gurusinga, Indonesia

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Experiences and lessons from the Forest Expert Traineeship Program in Germany - the Kenyan context

by Noor Maalim Hussein, Kenia

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From Peru to Germany, and heading Asia

Insights from the Forest Expert Program in September/October 2017; Alfredo Rodríguez Zunino, Peru

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Recultivation of former mining areas and sustainable forestry in North Rhine- Westfalia

A report by Rina Kristanti, Indonesia, about her stay in August 2017, which she con-ducted together with Yayuk Siswiyanti, Indonesia

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Dauerwald (permanent forests) in Germany

By Tibor-Sándor Kádár, Romania, September 2017

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More than a professional exchange

A report by Lela Kakhniashvili, resource manager from Georgia

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Mining, Reforestation and Hunting in Germany

A report by Starford Mvula, Zambia, about his visit in North-Rhine-Westfalia in autumn 2016

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Forest Monitoring Methodology

A report by Behruz Ilnazarov, Tajikistan, about his time Germany in September 2016

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My experiences in the German Forests

by Carla Ocano, Uruguay

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Part of the German society for a month

Report of the Hungarian participant Ákos Iványi

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1225 participant days, this is the computational result after 4 years Forest Expert Program. 23 trainees and five delegations consisting of 16 Nations benefited from a programme organized by the German Forest Society. Thanks to the support of the various state and private Forest Enterprises, both the forest and timber related organisations, the forest education and training institutions, Ministries of Forestry, saw mills, protected area management units and all the affiliated single persons the German Forest Society had the chance to organize individual programmes for each interest group.
Not only the participants were able to learn from their trainers, vice versa all the hosts had the chance to raise questions and get food for thoughts from the view of foresters from other countries. We are happy that we received such a diverse group of trainees. They came from Uruguay, Kenya, Vietnam, China, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, Peru, Romania, Laos, Tajikistan, Hungary, Zambia and Germany.
We hope that we succeeded to give each participant firstly an overview about our multifunctional and sustainable way of forest management and secondly the chance to deepen the knowledge in the individual fields of expertise. For us as organizers it was a fantastic challenge and chance to gain knowledge for ourselves to organize programmes focusing on forest fires, protected area management, REDD+, private forest owner associations, certification, forest politics and a lot more.
We hope that you will enjoy reading the single reports, the result of our project.


All reports were written by our trainees. The reports from Akos Ivanyi, Lela Kakniashvili, Mr. and Mrs.Nevmerzhitsky and Myroslav Kabal were translated to English by the German Forest Society. Most of the reports were shortened by the German Forest Society.

Here you find our Brochure 4 years Forest Expert Program 2016 - 2019

elfältigen Programme können Sie den hier angefügten Berichten entnehmen.

Die Berichte der Hospitanten wurden (bis auf den Beitrag von Herrn Ivanyi und vom Ehepaar Nevmerzhitsky) vom DFV ins Deutsche übersetzt und teilweise für das Internet eingekürzt.

Hier finden Sie unsere Broschüre zu 4 Jahren Forest Expert Program